How to Import a Wallet via Private Key?

What is WIF?

Wallet Import Format (WIF) is a standardized method for displaying Bitcoin private keys using the Base58Check encoding scheme. WIF format was standardized in order to allow all Bitcoin wallets to import and export private keys.

Importing a Wallet into SafePal via Private Key (WIF)

Access Wallet Import Screen
  1. Open SafePal Wallet and then tap on add Software Wallet.
  2. Select "Import wallet via Private Key"
  3. Then select Bitcoin
Import the Private Key
  1. Type the Private Key on the textbox. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code(if you have one). Activate the QR code scanner by tapping the icon on the upper right
  2. Put a Name so that you can easily recognize the wallet. Once you are done typing, tap on Import .

Congratulations, you have successfully imported a wallet.

Video tutorial